Water drainage systems for forest roads

Durable – to preserve forest and dirt roads

We produce water drainage systems for forest and dirt roads made of raw steel or galvanised steel. With the right water drainage system, you can reduce maintenance costs for forest and dirt roads for the long term! After all, the water drainage system ensures that the surface water on the path is transported away, preventing damage due to constant erosion, for example.


You can choose a custom length in 50 centimetre increments. We produce lengths from 2 to 6 meters optionally in raw or galvanised steel.

The features of our steel water drainage systems:

  • The very smooth surface ensures self-cleaning of the system
  • Our water drainage systems are also suited to relatively small slopes and short lengths
  • PEETZ water drainage systems are extremely robust and durable and function reliably for many years
  • The drainage gutter is fixed firmly within the ground, meaning even heavy vehicles can pass over it
  • The result: reduced maintenance costs for forests and dirt roads