Quality management

Transparent and reliable for top quality

We live and breathe quality management

Quality is our top priority! We are aware of our responsibility and ensure that our customers receive the best possible solutions and products in every step of production and consultation. Our inspiration Robert Bosch once said, “Anyone who stops improving has also stopped being good.”

This is why we were one of the first companies in our industry to be certified to DIN ISO 9001 in the year of 2000. Our production is transparent and can be traced from the raw material to the installed product.

Comprehensive quality management

Comprehensive quality management is part of the PEETZ corporate culture. All of us stand behind our promise of quality fully and work day after day to ensure that you receive the best products and best service:

  • We are continuously working on improvements
  • We actively involve all employees
  • Our employees regularly undergo training
  • We rely on a combination of in-house and external monitoring
  • We check our products before they are delivered and installed
  • Thanks to their many years of experience, our employees quickly recognise any need for action or improvement