Company history since 1949

Making your path safe

Erwin PEETZ GmbH & Co. KG stands for the development, production and finishing of steel products. With this concept, top expertise and flexibility, the PEETZ Group has made a name for itself within the industry. Hailing from the Sauerland region of Germany and founded in 1949 in Lennestadt-Saalhausen, the company stands for quality at all levels across the entire value chain: from consultation and planning through to professional assembly. Today, PEETZ employs around 130 members of staff at five locations: at the headquarters in Lennestadt (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Olbernhau (Sachsen), Donaueschingen (Baden-Württemberg), Finowfurt (Brandenburg), Berghülen (Baden-Württemberg) and Augsburg (Bavaria). As a member of the Gütegemeinschaft Stahlschutzplanken e.V. association for steel guardrails, PEETZ supports improvements to and advancements in road safety, external quality monitoring for manufacturers and product compatibility.

Years of growth

During the company’s early years, PEETZ produced wheelbarrows, mortar pans, trestles, grates, dampers and frame strip iron. In 1969, the idea emerged to produce steel guardrails. That same year, the first order of its type was carried out near Bonn, Germany, on a length of over 800 metres.


“Making your path safe” – today, the PEETZ Group considers itself not only a manufacturer and supplier of steel guardrails and prefabricated steel parts, but above all as a flexible problem-solver and true expert serving a wide range of customer requests and market requirements. PEETZ works in close collaboration with customers to plan tailored solutions. State-of-the-art machinery and tools help our employees to produce high-quality parts. PEETZ focuses on modernisations and investments. Our assembly teams are active all across Germany and assemble PEETZ products reliably and to last.